KEY CLICK- A [No] Piano Concert

Haize Lizarazu, keyboards/teclados

One of the main characteristic of the XX Century instrumental music is the use of new techniques (often called, extended techniques) in order to find new sounds, not heard until that time. If we talk about the piano, this sound search was “physically” limited, splitting the piano into two main parts: the keyboard and the inner part (and also the outside) of the piano. The keyboard was more identified with the tradition, and the inner part was thought for the avant-garde and the “new sounds”.

Nowadays, however, the question of “What is the piano?” should be asked again. The instrument is no longer a dual object that can be divided into what we consider “old” or “new”. The concept of limit itself has no longer the same meaning and needs to be redefined. The use of new technologies and multimedia resources makes a point on that, of course. But the real, big change comes mainly out of the conceptualization of the music, and therefore, of the instrument. We go from the object to the concept and new ideas of performance (and techniques associated to this) born out of this.

Through this presented program- KEY CLICK- the piano as an acoustic instrument (no matter if “classic” or “contemporary”) does no longer exist. The keyboard-as an inseparable part of the instrument- is present on stage but there is no need of a piano itself. When we transcend the idea of the piano, the focus goes inevitably to the performer. We do not need a piano, but we do need a pianist to perform. This clearly shows the model change that is happening in the music-composition reality, focused day by day more on the concept, idea and process than in the preset sonority that an instrument can offer.


The President´s Speech (2011)                               Iñigo Giner Miranda (1980*)
-for pianist and video-

CLOUD (2017)                                                       Fran MM Cabeza de Vaca (1976*)
-for 10 fingers-

OFF [piano bloqué] (2015)                                           Jose Pablo Polo (1984*)
-for turned off digital piano –

September 08 (2008)                                                   Simon Loeffler (1981*)
-for distorted digital piano-

Elogio de lo ausente (sobre un tema de Schumann) (2103)     Alberto Bernal (1978*)
-for toy piano and contact loudspeakers-

Piano Hero #1 (2011)                                                         Stefan Prins (1979*)
-for midi keyboard and live video and electronics-

EMA Festival (Madrid, 2016):

FIME Festival (Sao Paulo, 2016):

Teaser of EMA Festival (Madrid, 2016)