IN·SIDE #06 Haize Lizarazu
Sarah Nemtsov: Seven thoughts – her kind
Sound edition for the performance: Ángel Faraldo

Elogio de lo ausente (sobre un tema de Schumann)-Alberto BernalHaize Lizarazu, toy piano

The piece consists of 10 relectures of a fragment of Robert Schumann’s Einsame Blumen (Waldszenen). The idea along the whole work is the dialogue with the absent and non-sounding: the original Schumann’s theme is evoked through its compression in a few notes of the reduced register of the toy piano, gradually opening towards the original register (completed with a conventional piano recording sounding inside the toy piano through a small vibration speaker), and finally disappearing through filtering and fading out to the audible threshold.The reduced volume and one-octave register limitation of the toy piano turn into virtue, into a praise of the minimum, the reduced, the smallness, the non-accumulation or the fewness…Recorded at La Mila Studio- August 2016, Madrid

Teaser “KEY CLICK-a [no] piano concert”-EMA Festival (Madrid)Haize Lizarazu, keyboards

Presentation of KEY CLICK program by Haize Lizarazu in the EMA Festival in Madrid (May 2016, La Neomúdejar)

Teaser “Pièce d’ameublement-the piano in my life”Haize Lizarazu, piano

Teaser of the scenic piano concert created by Haize Lizarazu&Iñigo GinerPiano: Haize LizarazuDirection/Dramaturgy: Iñigo GinerWorks by:Cathy van Eck, Iñigo Giner, Domenico Scarlatti, György Ligeti, Jose Pablo Polo, Helmut Lachenmann, Stefan Prins, Peter Ablinger